This book has been written for those that are exploring their own personal development with a view to raising their vibration alongside the Ascension of Earth in order to live the life they desire. In fact, it could be described as a guide to help see life through the lens of enlightenment.

As you look through the pages of the book, it will become obvious that it has no beginning and no end! Just like our experiences through life, it goes round through the process of birth, death and rebirth. This means that, just as everything connects to everything else so does the writing in this book. For this reason, I have highlighted references that will take you to connected concepts in different chapters.

The book contains ideas, concepts, techniques and exercises that will enable you to connect with your spiritual self, and it will become obvious that, by connecting with the natural world and ancestral learning (pg 29), it is possible to develop an intuitive and more enlightened approach to life.

By looking to our own lives and applying some of the Principles of the Universe (pg 87) we can unblock the flow and redirect it, and, so put our lives back on track. This can happen by following the meditations and suggested exercises in each chapter.

By following these you will come to understand that by paying close attention, and awakening your senses to what is happening around you, you will be able to detect the signs of change that lead to the heightening of your vibration. By being very vigilant, and keeping a record of your insights, you will also be able to document and record your progress!